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Michelle Brieter Photo

We want to know about you, your partner and the love you share. How did you meet? What's your love story? How did COVID-19 change your 2020 wedding plans? 

Tell us why you should be considered for our free elopement and leave us your instagram @ name! If you'd like to submit a photo, DM us on Instagram at @alyssabeventswv!

ALL couples affected by COVID-19 are welcome to apply! We are lovers of all people - no matter your shape, size, skin color or sexual orientation.

All entries are due by Friday, July 31st. We will announce our winners on Monday, August 3rd.

Apply to win our Elopement Giveaway!
Are you both available August 17, 2020?
By submitting this application, I agree to the exclusive vendors list specifically created for this event. Any additional vendors must be approved by the elopement team and cannot conflict with services offered by the existing vendors.

We will be in touch!

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